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As Global Storm Clouds Gather, Who is Paying Attention? | HughHewitt.com | 07.16.13

The nation’s eyes are fixed on George Zimmerman’s acquittal in Florida and Edward Snowden’s life in global air-travel limbo.  Meanwhile, a group of small stories from around the world tell of deeper dangers approaching. The first story comes out of Panama (http://tinyurl.com/m6tx2sp).  Yesterday, a North Korean ship traveling from Cuba was detained while attempting to […]
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Breaking Bad in Washington | HughHewitt.com | 06.07.13

So the morning papers are full of talk about the administration’s massive sweeping up and mining of communications data of all forms in the US.  The New York Times editorializes today that the Obama White House has “lost all credibility” on questions of domestic surveillance.   And the surveillance program does look might broad.  Who called whom […]
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Beyond Boston | USNews.com | 4.29.30

Missed in all the talk about the Boston attacks is that key details suggest that something new is going on. Consider this about what we used to call the “Global War on Terror.” In its early stages, it was clearly a product of global forces that were almost a century old. World War I blew […]
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As he opens his library, George W. Bush “Grows in America’s Esteem” – and deserves to | HughHewitt.com | 4.25.13

The George W. Bush Presidential Library will be dedicated today as the 43rd president, in the words of this morning’s FoxNew.com headline, “grows in Americans’ esteem.” (http://tinyurl.com/anmhjxk) The assessment was to characterize Fox’s own poll results, released yesterday, showing about half the nation approving of Mr. Bush’s stewardship.  This was up from 23 percent in […]
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The Next Big Wars Will Be Fought Over Water | USNews.com | 2.19.13

Recently here at the Thomas Jefferson Street blog, I looked at surprises that the next four years could spring on the nation. I focused on separatist movements around the world, in Asia and Africa, of course, but also in Europe. The gist was that the world map could change quickly, dramatically, and soon if even a […]
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The Surprises No One Sees Coming | 1.28.13 | USNews.com

Whenever a new presidential term begins, everyone asks what surprises might the next four years bring. Think of the Bush 41 presidency. On inauguration day 1989, how many American experts expected the Soviet Union to collapse before the next election? How many anticipated Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and our troops going to war in the […]
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