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A Dangerous Place Already, This Week the World Became More Dangerous | HughHewitt.com | 02.27.14

When based on principle, partisanship can be a good thing. Due to a series of coincidences, I have spent much of the past five days listening to lectures from foreign policy and national security intellectuals and former policy makers of the Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 administrations.  All were partisans, of course.  But all […]
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Putin Rescues Obama | HughHewitt.com | 09.13.13

Many in the media have reported today (Wednesday) that, with the chemical weapons deal he offered to Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin saved Syrian president Bashar Assad.  Nonsense.  Mr. Putin saved the American president, Mr. Obama, even as he humiliated him. Here are some key points about Tuesday night’s speech and beyond: After the speech I […]
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Answering Senator Rand Paul’s Questions About Syria | HughHewitt.com | 09.05.13

In a highly intelligent article posted at the Time magazine site this morning (http://tinyurl.com/nyore9m), Senator Rand Paul asks a series of questions about intervention in Syria.  Here they are with my responses: Senator Paul’s Question #1: “Bashar Assad is clearly not an American ally. But does his ouster encourage stability in the Middle East, or would his ouster […]
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When Professors Become Presidents | USNews.com | 06.20.13

Quick now. U.S. policy in Syria on one hand; Dodd-Frank, Obamacare and immigration reform on the other. What do they have in common? The answer is hidden in reports that have the Obama Administration saying both that it is attempting to create a democratic, pluralistic Syria and quickly end the civil war there. The administration has also made clear […]
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