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Taylor and Scalia: Two Giants on the Economy (and the Sequester) and the Constitution | HughHewitt.com | 03.04.13

The Hoover Institution was in Washington last week.  Every year the Board of Overseers of the Stanford University-based think tank meets in the nation’s capital.  Much of the two and a half days is spent listening to presentations from a mix of the institution’s world-ranked scholars and prominent men and women in government and journalism. […]
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Next Tuesday’s State of the Union Address: What Will the President Say and Why? | HughHewitt.com | 2.7.13

The leaking and speculation have already begun as Washington looks to next week’s State of the Union address.  But is there any real doubt about what the president will actually say when he steps into the well of the House of Representatives next Tuesday night? After all, didn’t his second inaugural address point the way? […]
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Two Speeches Governor Romney Should Deliver on National Television | 09.17.12 | HughHewitt.com

If you are wondering why President Obama came out of Charlotte with a week-long bounce, consider this: In the fortnight covering the Republican and Democratic conventions, the Obama campaign and allied independent expenditure committees ran roughly 41,000 ads, twice as many as their pro-Romney counterparts (http://tinyurl.com/8r2rhqq). Apparently the Obama people did not trust their man’s […]
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