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Obamacare, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell and Ken Cucchinelli: Lessons in Political Communications | HughHewitt.com | 10.24.13

The government is up and running full tilt again.  It can borrow as much as it wishes until next February.  But before moving on entirely, I wanted to share three notes on three men whose roles tell us something about what happened and what’s next: Ted Cruz: Senator Cruz addressed the American Spectator annual dinner last night.  […]
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Washington Deadlock: Obama Speech v. Paulson Presentation | HughHewitt.com | 09.19.13

If you want to see why Washington has been in such deadlock since the GOP took over Congress, look no farther than two talks of this past Monday. The first was President Obama’s speech on the economy, delivered in the noon hour within the White House complex.  Many commentators described it as “unhelpful” and that […]
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President Obama’s Clueless Economics | HughHewitt.com | 07.25.13

Yesterday President Obama delivered a much-heralded (by himself and his minions) speech on the economy. It was a transparent attempt to change the Washington topic from, as he put it, “phony scandals”. Phony scandals?  Let’s see.  Could he have been referring to the White House-ordered IRS audits of the Administration’s political opponents, precisely the same […]
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What Will Tonight’s SOTU Tell Us? | Ricochet.com | 2.12.12

Do we even need to ask?  Mr. Obama’s recent inaugural address was 1937 all over again.  It seems government can achieve anything by decree, except revive the sick economy.  This SOTU is being advertised as a “bookend” to the inaugural — bookends without books, I suppose.  Mainly, as with after-the-fact edits to the Congressional Record, […]
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Inaugural Address: Right for the President; Wrong for the Country | HughHewitt.com | 1.22.13

It is 1937 all over again. In his second inaugural address yesterday, Barack Obama channeled the style, structure and substance of Franklin Roosevelt’s second inaugural with all but unprecedented fidelity. Each president employed a comparable rhetorical device to identify himself with his audience and with the programs of his first term.  For FDR it was […]
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