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For the Mid-Terms, Does the GOP Have What it Takes?| Hugh Hewitt |09.29.14

By all rights, the GOP should be walking away with the mid-term elections, a shoo-in to capture the Senate and even make gains in the House, which they already hold by a comfortable margin. After all, the job environment remains dismal.  According to the union-backed Economic Policy Institute, if you are a recent college grad, […]
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Senator Mitch McConnell Shows There is At Least One Adult In The Room | HughHewitt.com | 01.13.14

Perhaps like me you were taught in school that the nation’s founders feared popular rule.  That view is wrong.  The Founders wanted enduring popular rule.  They feared that rule by narrow, fleeting majorities would lead to wild swings of policy, undermining the public’s own trust in popular rule. So to ensure government by durable majorities, they created, […]
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Lesson of the Week: For this administration, only faux compromise welcome | HughHewitt.com | 02.14.12

One fact has become sharply clear this past seven days: it is no ordinary administration that occupies Washington just now. In the face of a fiscal crisis of unprecedented magnitude, yesterday the president submitted a budget of fake spending cuts (“a mirage” the Wall Street Journal called them this morning) and gigantic tax increases guaranteed, […]
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