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Liberal Critics Should Take a Closer Look | New York Times | 1.20.2017

This article originally appeared in the New York Times. President Trump’s extraordinary Inaugural Address was at once familiar and surprising, combining echoes from a forgotten past with notes that are entirely new. The echoes were to a president who was viewed with as much alarm by the official Washington of his day as Mr. Trump […]
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What Happened to Eric Cantor? | HughHewitt.com | 06.12.14

Behind every political upheaval is a mix of the momentous and the mundane.  The fall of Eric Cantor is no exception. On the mundane side is a congressman who lost touch with his district.  It turns out that listening to constituents was low on Congressman Cantor’s list of priorities.  Many Virginia 7th voters have been […]
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An American Speech | New York Times Blog | 01.20.09

President Barack Obama delivered a deeply American inaugural address. He called for putting aside old rivalries and hostilities, as did Abraham Lincoln in both of his inaugurals. He put forward his view of the current crisis and the principles he will follow in meeting it, as did Franklin Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan when they were […]
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