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Figuring Out Prof Ben’s Fed | New York Post | 05.03.08

Worrisome inflation reports and rising unemployment have left economic pundits asking if the Federal Reserve and the Bush administration learned anything from the Great Stagflation of the 1970s, other than the Great Depression, the worst economic crisis of the 20th century. They ask: Are plummeting Fed funds rates and the president’s stimulus package a 2008 […]
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How W Got His Mojo Back: Behind Bush’s Great Week | New York Post | 06.15.06

Who’d have thought it possible even a month ago? President Bush is getting his mojo back. The president just had the best week of his second term, perhaps of his entire presidency – and the end of the investigation of Karl Rove, which would have been the headline grabber not long ago, had little to […]
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Dubya’s Drift | New York Post | 10.10.05

WHY, all of a sudden, are things going so wrong for the White House? Conservatives up in arms about Harriet Miers and about the president’s plans for the Gulf Coast; an anti-war mother camped outside the Crawford ranch dominating the news for a month; Bush’s approval ratings lower than they’ve ever been: This is the […]
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Enron Lives | New York Post | 03.08.05

Talk about shooting the messenger: Critics are slamming President Bush’s drive to reform Social Security for its supposedly astronomical transition costs. But those costs don’t arise from Bush’s solution. They show up on the books simply because Bush wants to undo the Enron-style techniques that the government has used on Social Security. That honest accounting […]
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The Real Debt | New York Post | 08.28.04

In his speech Thursday to the Republican convention, can President Bush do better with the American people than John Kerry did in Boston? The answer may turn on how aggressively the president addresses the senator’s signature economic charge — that Bush budget deficits have saddled the government with crushing debt. Handled assertively and self-confidently, this […]
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Labor Lessons | New York Post | 06.10.04

This week’s Ronald Reagan retrospectives have given only passing notice to the fact that he was a labor leader. Yet his service as a union president is at least as important in understanding his unparalleled impact on our world as his years as an actor. Take this story that Reagan used to tell about his […]
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