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Economic Canaries – and Obamacare is the Cat | HughHewitt.com | 08.22.13

Just as the Washington Establishment is trumpeting the economy’s revival, an alarming other story is gaining traction.  It isn’t a new edition of the headline grabbing “end to the stimulus” tale.  Instead, it is of obscure financial data that may be signaling bad time ahead – and pointing to a cause.  Call it the canary […]
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The Case for More Sequester | USNews.com | 4.08.13

I’m guessing you missed the latest troubling economic news. I am not talking about last week’s unemployment figures. A record 90 million Americans are now out of the workforce, taking the U.S. labor participation rate back to Carter administration levels – 63.5 percent. The White House tried to blame The Sequester. But the job trend […]
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Picking Ryan – Romney Shows He’s Got Serious Policies and Great Political Instincts | HughHewitt.com | 08.13.12

On Saturday Mitt Romney proved he is a serious man and will be a serious president.  He also demonstrated that he is a shrewd political strategist. In picking Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan to be his running mate, Romney bet both his election and his administration on a central task, reducing the national deficit and debt […]
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