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Reagan in the Wilderness | National Review | 4.17.2017

Thucydides had a great advantage over later historians in telling his tale of the Peloponnesian War: As a general in the Greek army, he had been there. Craig Shirley, who is emerging as the most prolific and, in some respects, most insightful chronicler of Ronald Reagan’s political rise, shares that advantage. He was there. As […]
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The Toughest Job in Washington | Wall Street Journal | 4.14.2017

‘Personnel is policy” goes an enduring White House cliché, and of no staffer is that claim more true than the president’s chief of staff. As Chris Whipple argues in “The Gatekeepers,” a group portrait of White House chiefs from Richard Nixon’s tenure to Barack Obama’s , the chief of staff has been the key to […]
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