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Sailing through the Greek Crisis| Hugh Hewitt |7.2.2015

Last week, as Greece, and, as a result of Greece, the EU, were approaching a point of no return in their five-year economic and financial crisis, I was put-putting with four school buddies in a boat through the Greek Islands -– our ports of call a tour of life before the deluge. That life was […]
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Honoring Peter Schramm, American Philosopher and Patriot| Hugh Hewitt |7.13.2015

Last Monday evening, the Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio, held a tribute for its recently retired executive director, Peter Schramm. It was at once a triumphant, inspiring, and sad occasion. Schramm has recently been diagnosed with an especially aggressive form of cancer. Under Dr. Schramm’s more than quarter century […]
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