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Knocking Out New York’s Bullyboy Leftist| Hugh Hewitt |5.8. 2015

It is not often that black tie awards dinners serve as a round in a prizefight. Last Monday New York City’s Manhattan Institute held is annual Alexander Hamilton Dinner and used the occasion to deliver intellectual knockout blows against the city’s radical leftist mayor William de Blasio and his circle. To do so, the Institute […]
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He Rose to the Challenge, Review of “Reagan: A Life”| Wall Street Journal |5.8. 2015

On the day Ronald Reagan assumed the presidency, the United States faced challenges as daunting as any in its history. The country’s globally dominant economy was like an all-but-beaten prizefighter, a giant on wobbly legs, eyes glassed over, swaying toward collapse. The legs were unemployment and inflation. Economists from the super-confident neo-Keynesian consensus of the ’60s […]
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Rubio and Walker (or Walker and Rubio). Dream Ticket?| Hugh Hewitt |4.15.2015

Marco Rubio announced his candidacy for president yesterday. He may be half of the makings of the 2016 GOP dream ticket. The Republicans have two big problems to solve if they hope to win the White House next time around. No, I am not talking about cracking the Latin American ancestry vote. It would be […]
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Baltimore Riots, Low Growth Economy: The Wages of Folly| Hugh Hewitt |5.5.2015

You don’t often see the wages of folly come due all at once. But in less that 48 hours last week, the nation was presented with two bills for the last six-and-a-half years. On Monday night, rioting broke out in Baltimore. We all know the immediate cause, the funeral of a young man who died […]
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