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The NFL, America’s Heroes in Uniform, and Traumatic Brain Injury | Ricochet |3.26.2015

I usually write about politics, economics, foreign relations and national security, law and the Constitution, and, occasionally, American history and culture. Today I am going to write about our armed services, professional sports and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  For the past month I have been immersed in understanding how TBI can be treated. Last week, […]
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Treating Traumatic Brain Injury — Telling a Mistold Tale | Ricochet |3.19.2015

In the last few weeks, I have been immersed not in an untold story but a mistold one. So far as I can see, the mistelling has nothing to do with politics, but here is what it is. War is hell. It is also a powerful catalyst for medical advances: penicillin in World War II; […]
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Lynch Would Be the Wrong AG at Wrong Time| Hugh Hewitt |3.16.2015

Eric Holder has received a bad rap. Yes, under his watch the Justice Department has pushed the boundaries of the Constitution and the law over and over in a manner that has turned a harsh spotlight on a now troubled – some would say corrupted – agency. But the abuse of law and power did […]
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Administration Suppressed bin Laden Raid Intelligence Trove,’ Steve Hayes tells Pacific Research Institute Audience Friday| Hugh Hewitt |3.9.2015

On Friday night, at Pacific Research Institute’s annual Southern California dinner, Weekly Standard columnist and Fox News contributor Stephen Hayes told why, as a presidential candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may already be Dead Woman Walking – yet he hardly touched on her email scandal. Hayes reprised and elaborated on his Thursday Wall […]
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