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SOTU Address: No Middle Class Economics but Lots of Spin| Hugh Hewitt |1.28.15

Last week President Obama delivered his next to final State of the Union address. In it, he extolled “middle class economics”, which was the name he attached to his economic policies. The more I listened, the more I thought, this is spin, not reality. As with many, perhaps most, Americans, when I hear the words […]
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Selma Misses the Historical Mark — Dr. King, LBJ and America Deserved Better | Ricochet |1.19.15

On Friday evening I saw Selma, the Academy Award nominated film about the 1965 civil rights march that Dr. Martin Luther King led from Selma, Alabama, to the state capitol in Montgomery, fifty miles away. The film depicts the enormous courage of the marchers and the inspirational leadership of Dr. King. But it misses the historical […]
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The New Congress: A Three Dimensional Chess Game Begins| Hugh Hewitt |1.5.15

The new Republican Senate and the more-Republican House take office this week. Around this town, asked in one way or another, the universal question is, what difference will it make? Yes, long bottled up legislation will start coming to the Senate floor. After the Democrats lost the House in 2010, President Obama and Senate Majority […]
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Bush, Romney, Who: Picking the GOP 2016 Nominee| Hugh Hewitt |1.28.15

Is 2015 the new 2016? You tell me. This past week the New York Times ran two front-page stories about Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush. This past Sunday (yesterday) panel after panel of TV interview show commentators focused the GOP field in the 2016, which by now seems to include everyone except my mother – […]
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