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For the Mid-Terms, Does the GOP Have What it Takes?| Hugh Hewitt |09.29.14

By all rights, the GOP should be walking away with the mid-term elections, a shoo-in to capture the Senate and even make gains in the House, which they already hold by a comfortable margin. After all, the job environment remains dismal.  According to the union-backed Economic Policy Institute, if you are a recent college grad, […]
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At a Global Conference, Rumblings of Much Bigger War| Hugh Hewitt |09.22.14

“At a Global Conference, Rumblings of Much Bigger War” By Clark S. Judge: managing director, White House Writers Group, Inc.; chairman, Pacific Research Institute. This past weekend the International Institute of Strategic Studies held its annual Global Strategic Review Conference in Oslo, Norway. Because of its elite membership and closeness to a wide range of […]
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Afterward for Vel Talt (Norwegian for Talk Well) by Kjell Terje Ringdal (H. Aschehoug, Oslo, 2014)

Some years ago a friend – another former speechwriter for a U.S. president — asked me to talk to a group of Scandinavians about working in the White House.  Every year since then, I have addressed Kjell Ringdal’s Washington Seminar. Each November, the seminars bring to this capital city Norwegian and Swedish journalists, legislators and […]
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Advice to GOP Candidates: No Coasting to Victory This Year | Hugh Hewitt |09.08.14

In today’s Wall Street Journal (, I offer advice to this year’s Republican candidates, particularly candidates for the U.S. Senate. I urge them to remember that, though voters might be alarmed at the president’s performance, they aren’t that wild about the GOP either. Republicans can’t coast. Like the money of that brokerage house in the […]
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Countering the Democratic Midterm Push | The Wall Street Journal | 09.07.14

With an unpopular president in office and many congressional seats up for grabs, the Democratic high command is fundraising with a vengeance, hoping to swamp the 2014 midterms with dollars and attack ads to retain control of the Senate. So what should Republicans do? Here are some suggestions. • Remember why the GOP lost Congress in […]
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