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This weak and timid President talks big… and does nothing| Daily Mail |07.20.14

At a political event in Wilmington, Delaware, on Thursday, President Obama devoted only 40 seconds to the shooting down of the Malaysian airline, his first statement to the world following the news. His emotionless reference to the attack as ‘a terrible tragedy’ seemed disconnected from the horrific moment, particularly as he immediately reverted to script […]
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How Thomas Jefferson Freed the Slaves | | 07.14.14

It was William Faulkner who wrote, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” On the 4th of July weekend I found myself thinking about Thomas Jefferson and slavery. You know the derision directed at the author of the Declaration of Independence on this topic — and, in some quarters, at the legitimacy of […]
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Income Inequality in America: Is It Rising and Is It Bad| | 07.14.14

For anyone following the media just now, it is hard to get through a week without hearing about income inequality in America. In case you missed it, it’s gone up in the last few decades and this, we are told, is a bad thing. On both accounts, I wonder. The recent flurry of interest follows […]
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Democrats’ Strategy: Divert Media from Big Donors’ Big Gifts| | 07.11.14

I’m sure you’ve seen all of the analysis about why Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is leading a war on the Koch brothers. Energize the Democrats big donors and, as part of the party’s continuing class warfare strategy, make two billionaires the face of the GOP – those are the principal reasons pundits flag. I […]
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Matt Ridley Takes on the Global Warming World| | 06.30.14

The average global temperature has not risen for 15 years.  Extreme weather events are at or below historical norms.  In the Southern Hemisphere sea ice has hit record highs (  So of course the Obama Administration has once more declared that the debate is over and that global warming is a fact, and the Supreme […]
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