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America’s Security Today v. When George H.W. Bush Left Office: How Much We Have Lost| | 06.19.14

Last week marked the 90th birthday of President George H.W. Bush and the 89th of his wife Barbara. A splendid film honoring the former president aired on CNN – 41 on 41 (for the 41 people who spoke on camera about the 41st president) — and another on Fox News Channel. But it got me […]
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What Happened to Eric Cantor? | | 06.12.14

Behind every political upheaval is a mix of the momentous and the mundane.  The fall of Eric Cantor is no exception. On the mundane side is a congressman who lost touch with his district.  It turns out that listening to constituents was low on Congressman Cantor’s list of priorities.  Many Virginia 7th voters have been […]
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