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The Crimea and The Global Leadership Deficit | | 03.20.14

The March 19th front-page headline in the Wall Street Journal announced, “Defiant Russia Claims Crimea as Violence Flares in Region.”  For the first time since the end of the Second World War, one European country invaded and annexed the territory of another. The unseen subtext of so many similar headlines around the world was that the end […]
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Charles Krauthammer and Frederick Hayek in Newport Beach | | 03.14.14

The Pacific Research Institute held its annual Baroness Margaret Thatcher Orange County (California) Dinner last week.  The site was the Island Hotel in the coastal town of Newport Beach.  The honoree was former California gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon.  The main speaker was syndicated columnist and Fox News commentator Charles Krauthammer. A dour man on camera, […]
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Division and Confusion: Europe Without America | | 03.10.14

If you want to see why American leadership is essential to the effectiveness of Europe in global affairs, just meet with a multinational collection of European political and other officials. I had occasion to share an evening with such a group this past week.  The discussions were on background, not for attribution, so, as with […]
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Question to Ricochet: Is this a brilliant idea or what? | | 03.08.14

In Southern California for the Pacific Research Institute’s annual Baroness Margaret Thatcher Orange County Dinner last night, I had lunch shortly after landing with a veteran of political communications in this state. Over our meal, he began to go on in the manner all of us go on about the cluelessness of Republicans in Washington. […]
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