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Help Wanted: Leaders Who Can Follow | | 12.27.13

Perhaps like me you have had a busy holiday season.  You have focused on family and friends and forgotten, for a moment, the larger world – including, like me, deadlines.  Now, I am trying to catch up. The polls tell what most of us see all around and in ourselves – that this divided nation […]
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Republican Civil War – Dealing with the GOP’s Dilemma | | 12.16.13

Over the weekend, Rasmussen posted the results of a poll showing GOP senator Ted Cruz trailing only Pope Francis and President Obama as “the most influential person in 2013.”  It has been a good year for Mr. Cruz, who was sworn in fewer than twelve months ago.  Some would say that it has a less […]
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Flash: Obamacare Dangerous To Health of Poor | | 12.05.13

Well, Halleluiah.  The Obamacare website is up and running. Of course, at only half a million applications processed so far… and accounting for the ones that the system garbled or couldn’t verify or seems to have lost… and anticipating the tens of millions of Americans predicted to lose coverage once the employer mandate kicks in […]
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