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Obamacare, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell and Ken Cucchinelli: Lessons in Political Communications | | 10.24.13

The government is up and running full tilt again.  It can borrow as much as it wishes until next February.  But before moving on entirely, I wanted to share three notes on three men whose roles tell us something about what happened and what’s next: Ted Cruz: Senator Cruz addressed the American Spectator annual dinner last night.  […]
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Postmortem: The Budget Battle on the Morning After | | 10.17.13

“Obama Wins.”  That’s the lead morning headline at and the unanimous view in this city about the outcome of the government shutdown and debt ceiling standoff of the last few weeks. In policy, we have the status quo ante: The government is funded at sequester levels; the debt ceiling has been suspended so the government can […]
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Scorecard: The Shutdown, the Debt Ceiling, the House GOP and Delaying Obamcare | | 10.07.13

If you want to see how the lockstep-with-the-Obama-administration media is trying to spin the American people, pick up Sunday’s New York Times (or click here:<> ).  In the middle of the front page you will find an article headlined: “A Crisis Months in Planning: Conservative Focused on budget as Health Law Weapon.” On a good portion of page […]
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