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President Obama’s Clueless Economics | | 07.25.13

Yesterday President Obama delivered a much-heralded (by himself and his minions) speech on the economy. It was a transparent attempt to change the Washington topic from, as he put it, “phony scandals”. Phony scandals?  Let’s see.  Could he have been referring to the White House-ordered IRS audits of the Administration’s political opponents, precisely the same […]
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As Global Storm Clouds Gather, Who is Paying Attention? | | 07.16.13

The nation’s eyes are fixed on George Zimmerman’s acquittal in Florida and Edward Snowden’s life in global air-travel limbo.  Meanwhile, a group of small stories from around the world tell of deeper dangers approaching. The first story comes out of Panama (  Yesterday, a North Korean ship traveling from Cuba was detained while attempting to […]
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Should Conservatives Fight Obamacare – Or Is There Nothing That Can Be Done To Stop It? | | 07.09.13

Last night, after a gathering of politios here in Washington, a prominent writer and authority on health care detailed for me the tremendous gloom among Capitol Hill Republicans and conservatives about Obamacare in recent days. The just-announce full-year postponement in implementing the employer mandate was not an admission of failure, I was told, but an […]
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