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Same-Sex Marriage: Links to the briefs and a question about SSM and justice? | | 3.26.13

Same-sex marriage is, of course, the topic of the next two days at the Supreme Court. If you haven’t already, you may want to look at some of the briefs in the cases, United States v. Windsor, which focuses on the Defense of Marriage Act (, and Hollingworth v. Perry, a challenge to California’s Proposition […]
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Obama’s Quiet Declaration of War on Oil and Gas Production | | 03.18.13

Last week, the president traveled to the Argonne National Laboratory outside Chicago to deliver what the White House billed as a major speech on energy. To see what is wrong with the administration as it enters its second term, you could do worse than carefully reading that address. Despite the speech’s “energy” label, the oil […]
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Bill Bennett at the Claremont Institute: We must teach our children our nation’s story; our civilization’s survival depends on it | | 03.18.13

This past weekend, as conservative eyes were fixed upon CPAC and its cavalcade of presidential hopefuls, an organization that in time may prove more consequential held its annual Churchill dinner at the Los Angeles’ historic Biltmore Hotel. Here is what I particularly like about the Claremont Institute: They approach political discourse past and present with […]
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GOP Wise Up: New Media = Smarter Campaigns | Ricochet | 03.13.13

I was in a meeting with a nationally respected consultant to political campaigns this morning. We were talking about how the web had changed campaigns. His answer: Substance is becoming king. “Take endorsements,” he said. “When TV drove campaigns, all you would see about newspaper editorials in campaign advertising was the banner, ‘L.A. Times or […]
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Note to Certain Senators: Rand Paul Took the Right Stand on the Right Issue at the Right Time | | 03.11.13

I will make this posting short:  I find unsettling and dispiriting – close to unbelievable — the scorn some in the Senate GOP have directed at Rand Paul for his filibuster this week. These critics have suggested that Senator Paul was grandstanding, to the purpose of compromising presidential war powers. How is that again? The […]
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Taylor and Scalia: Two Giants on the Economy (and the Sequester) and the Constitution | | 03.04.13

The Hoover Institution was in Washington last week.  Every year the Board of Overseers of the Stanford University-based think tank meets in the nation’s capital.  Much of the two and a half days is spent listening to presentations from a mix of the institution’s world-ranked scholars and prominent men and women in government and journalism. […]
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