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President’s Second Term Prescription: Poison Pill Politics | | 2.20.13 posted a home page story this evening that began, “President Obama pinned the blame on Republicans Tuesday for looming spending cuts that may be triggered by what was originally a White House proposal….” Well, duh. Hasn’t staging one deadlock after another been the Obama White House’s transparent game plan since Day One of Term […]
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The Next Big Wars Will Be Fought Over Water | | 2.19.13

Recently here at the Thomas Jefferson Street blog, I looked at surprises that the next four years could spring on the nation. I focused on separatist movements around the world, in Asia and Africa, of course, but also in Europe. The gist was that the world map could change quickly, dramatically, and soon if even a […]
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What Will Tonight’s SOTU Tell Us? | | 2.12.12

Do we even need to ask?  Mr. Obama’s recent inaugural address was 1937 all over again.  It seems government can achieve anything by decree, except revive the sick economy.  This SOTU is being advertised as a “bookend” to the inaugural — bookends without books, I suppose.  Mainly, as with after-the-fact edits to the Congressional Record, […]
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SOTU Address To Double Down on Climate Change. Why? Why now? | | 2.11.13

In case anyone doubted, the White House has indicated that in tomorrow night’s State of the Union address, President Obama will follow through on his inaugural address calling out of climate change as a major policy focus in his second term. Whether you come from a perspective of science, economics or politics, you’ve got to […]
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Next Tuesday’s State of the Union Address: What Will the President Say and Why? | | 2.7.13

The leaking and speculation have already begun as Washington looks to next week’s State of the Union address.  But is there any real doubt about what the president will actually say when he steps into the well of the House of Representatives next Tuesday night? After all, didn’t his second inaugural address point the way? […]
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The Framer’s Foresight and the Biggest Question the Nation Faces | | 2.3.13

Over the last year and a half, the President has repeatedly announced that, since Congress won’t act on this or that, he will have to, by decree, uh, executive order and regulation. Challenges to the substance and even legitimacy of the Constitution comprise the biggest question overhanging our republic in this time of many questions. […]
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What The Second Amendment Says And What It Means To Us | | 2.4.13

The President has taken up skeet shooting to show gun owners that his various gun control proposals and executive orders are nothing personal. But, personal or not, the first question in this debate remains not what the President says, but what the Constitution says. The Second Amendment strikes me as particularly anti-federalist in origin and […]
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