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Notes From The National Review Institute’s Conservative Summit | 1.29.13 |

Most readers of the conservative blogosphere know by now that the National Review Institute hosted a “conservative summit” in Washington this past weekend – three days of panels and speeches.  Wonk heaven. The speeches came mainly from immediate – or in the cases of Tom Cotton, Mia Love and Arthur Davis longer term — prospects […]
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The Surprises No One Sees Coming | 1.28.13 |

Whenever a new presidential term begins, everyone asks what surprises might the next four years bring. Think of the Bush 41 presidency. On inauguration day 1989, how many American experts expected the Soviet Union to collapse before the next election? How many anticipated Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait and our troops going to war in the […]
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Inaugural Address: Right for the President; Wrong for the Country | | 1.22.13

It is 1937 all over again. In his second inaugural address yesterday, Barack Obama channeled the style, structure and substance of Franklin Roosevelt’s second inaugural with all but unprecedented fidelity. Each president employed a comparable rhetorical device to identify himself with his audience and with the programs of his first term.  For FDR it was […]
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Honoring Robert H. Bork | | 12.24.12

At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, it was remarked that the system the delegates were designing – a government of checks and balances, sovereign states, limited government and enumerated powers — would likely last intact no more than 150 years, that is, to the 1930s.  Today some would say the prediction was all too prescient.  […]
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Leader of a Country or a Faction? | | 1.15.13

In his press conference yesterday, the last before the inauguration, President Obama spoke in a tone remarkable – actually unprecedented — in the post World War II era, perhaps in the history of the nation.  He presented himself as the leader, not of the country, but of a faction. Again and again, the president wasn’t […]
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Next Up, Debt Ceiling: A Smart Idea from Senator Sessions | | 1.8.13

What to do about the debt ceiling?  An idea is circulating among Senate Republicans that has a real chance of compelling Democrats in Washington to confront – or at least take public responsibility for – outsized federal spending. The idea originated with Alabama senator Jeff Sessions, the ranking Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, and […]
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At the New Year, the American Middle Class and the Ghost of Christmases Long Ago and Far Away | | 12.28.12

Looking back on the year now ending, I have been struck by a disconnect that has entered American language. Through the presidential campaign and now in the fiscal cliff fight, we have heard about “the middle class.”  The president – to the cheers of the media  — tells us he is for the middle class […]
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