What The Veep Smackdown Tells Us About Tonight’s Debate | Ricochet.com | 10.16.12

Since March, the lead in the Rasmussen daily tracking poll – perhaps the country’s most reliable poll – has switched more than thirty times.  It could happen again.

The president has said he was “too polite” last time.  I say that if that is what he believes he did wrong in the first debate and he plans to channel his inner Biden in this one, bring it on.  Rage and rudeness are exactly what the American people detest in candidates.

That does not sound like a warning, I know. And it is true that a president who once used a TelePrompter to address school children may not have it in him to deliver a formidable performance in the give and take of a debate.

But in the instability of this race and the president’s clearly formidable reelection machinery, Yogi Berra’s warning about baseball applies.  It isn’t over ‘til it’s over.

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