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Verdict if Obama Loses Health Care Decision: He and staff did it to themselves – through aloofness, isolation | | 06.26.12

It doesn’t take a Washington insider to suspect that the White House has a back channel to the Supreme Court, knows how the justices have come down in the Obamacare case and has learned, from the Obama point of view, the news isn’t good. The president’s defiance and what appeared to be his campaign of […]
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The Invisible Romney Vote Obama Should Fear | | 06.15.12

Something strange is going on in the election campaign.  Former president Bill Clinton seems to look for every opportunity to undermine the sitting president of his own party. His former political aides publish a memorandum saying the White House message strategy is failing. The morning reports have the press corps dismissing President Obama’s supposedly major […]
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Barack Obama and the Arbitrary Exercise of Power | | 06.18.12

When The New York Times revealed not long ago that President Obama was personally selecting which suspected terrorists should live and which should die, everyone – supporters and critics – treated it as a national security story, period. I saw it as something else. Oh, yes, the Times story clearly had to do with national […]
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Advice to Mitt Romney on How to Pick a Veep | | 06.04.12

On Sunday, Reuters reported that GOP-nominee designate Mitt Romney might announce his running mate selection “earlier in the summer.”  Here are three names for Romney’s reviewers to consider: Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney. Together they tell you a lot about what’s ahead and how the campaign should prepare. Dan Quayle: Though all but forgotten […]
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