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Are the Debates About Manufacturing Jobs, Energy Independence and Illegal Immigration About to Become Irrelevant? | | 04.24.12

This is a cautionary posting. Here is the question: What if the major issues of the last four years became irrelevant to the nation’s fate in the next four?  I have three examples in mind. Manufacturing: The decline in America’s manufacturing dominance has become a talking point for everyone from the AFL-CIO to Rick Santorum […]
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The Beltway Snobbery of Hilary Rosen’s Attack on Ann Romney | U.S. News and World Report | 04.13.12

This week—in the person of attack pro Hilary Rosen—the Obama campaign tried out what must have struck them as a gambit born of genius.  Call it the mother of all linkages.  How do you link Big Campaign Theme No. 1 (class warfare) with Big Campaign Theme No. 2 (the GOP “War Against Women”)?  I’ve got […]
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Who is Warring on Whom? What is the White House Strategy and Why | | 04.18.12

Yesterday, senior White House campaign strategist David Axelrod put his finger on the exact question of the 2012 campaign. He did it in a Twitter rebuttal of the Gallup Poll’s latest survey.  The sampling was taken between Thursday and Sunday and shows Mitt Romney leading President Obama by five points.  Gallup, Axelrod wrote, “has a […]
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What Now: the GOP Race and the Election to Come? | | 04.10.12

Yesterday, Newt Gingrich all but conceded the presidential race to Mitt Romney.  In an interview, the one-time front-runner acknowledged that the former Massachusetts governor was the running away favorite to snag the GOP nomination. The former speaker of the House effectively said he would be going only through the motions of a campaign from here […]
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Intimidation in the Court: The President, the Supreme Court and the Constitution | | 04.03.12

NOT among the checks and balances that the Constitution incorporates into our system is intimidation by the president of the Supreme Court. But intimidation appears to be the course President Obama has selected, following his solicitor general’s stumbling defense of Obamacare before the justices last week. Conservative commentators have been gloating ever since that it […]
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