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The Supreme Court and a Plan for Replacing Obamacare, Whatever the Court Decides | | 03.26.12

Today the Supreme Court begins hearing three days of arguments on the constitutionality of Obamacare, officially known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  For the rest of us, the arguments have been going nonstop since the program was signed into law in March 2010. In a particularly succinct posting this morning ( ), […]
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Few Questions Answered for Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich on Super Tuesday | | 03.09.12

With a not-so-Super Tuesday behind us (only about half as many states participated this time as in 2008), where does the GOP nomination race stand now? The voting this week revealed both nothing and everything about the contest—and general election in the fall. The nothing part was thanks to an unappreciated oddity about this year’s […]
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GOP Crosscurrent on Display Last Night | | 03.21.12

As the Illinois returns came in last night, and Governor Romney racked up an impressive win, albeit in historically light voting, Washington supporters of the House GOP met at a massive – and massively successful (it raised $12 million) – fundraising dinner… and inadvertently demonstrated the crosscurrents in the party. The main speaker was South […]
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Is there a 2012 Political X-Factor? | | 03.14.12

“Who can do anything about gas prices, anyway?”:  So was the Democrats’ response to yesterday’s The New York Times poll finding a dive between February and today in President Obama’s approval rating.  The fall was all the fault of the price at the pump, they and the Times said.  But the Times is famous for […]
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There’s No Sighing in Politics | | 03.06.12

As Super Tuesday dawns, national opinion polls are telling a clear story.  Despite a residual ennui about the choices and anxiety about November, Republican voters are coalescing around Mitt Romney as their standard bearer for the fall. The book on Romney has been that a large part of the GOP electorate didn’t like him.  He […]
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