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How the GOP Will Win… or Lose | | 02.28.12

As two more states hold Republican primaries today, the message out of national data is that the election is the GOP’s to lose – and the party may prove fully up to the task. Yes, I have heard talk about the president’s approval ratings surging.  But look at the Rasmussen tracking graph (  If the president’s […]
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Permanent Downsizing of the American Dream? | | 02.21.12

So what is happening with the economy?  Employment numbers go up and Greece gets bailed out.  Presto.  The markets rise and the clouds of bad times dissipate.  Or do they? Yes, economic recovery has been in the news all week. The president has modestly credited his own policies as the cause.  A media intent on […]
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Lesson of the Week: For this administration, only faux compromise welcome | | 02.14.12

One fact has become sharply clear this past seven days: it is no ordinary administration that occupies Washington just now. In the face of a fiscal crisis of unprecedented magnitude, yesterday the president submitted a budget of fake spending cuts (“a mirage” the Wall Street Journal called them this morning) and gigantic tax increases guaranteed, […]
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The Administration, the Constitution and the Campaign | | 02.07.12

In 1961, Ronald Reagan warned that embracing government-mandated health care would be a big step toward losing our freedoms.  This week we saw how big a step that could be. Leave it to the Obama Administration.  If they have a choice between restraint and respecting national norms on one hand and maximization of government power […]
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