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Two Polls Show What is Driving the GOP Presidential Race | | 11.29.11

The best poll for grasping the ups and downs of the Republican presidential contest ran in the National Journal magazine in late October ( and has been updated several times since ( In prior columns I have argued that GOP voters in this cycle are breaking differently than in 2008, when there were distinctly social, […]
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Post-Mortem on the Supercommittee | | 11.22.11

Following the collapse of the budget supercommittee, a story about Ronald Reagan comes to mind. It was early in his first term as governor of California.  Two aides – I believe Lynn Nofziger was one – took him to lunch and gave him a lecture. Forget you’re a movie star, they told him.  Forget all […]
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Heard at a Reception of Washington Insiders | | 11.15.11

With the GOP presidential race in upheaval again and members of the budget supercommittee violating their own rule of silence to take public shots at one another, the Washington political gossip mill was working overtime last night. At a reception of insiders (primarily Republicans), the talk in the back of the room started off focusing […]
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Embracing Basel III: Did the Administration Drive Another Nail Into its Reelection Coffin Last Week? | | 11.8.11

Overseas and unbeknown to it, the Obama Administration may have sealed its 2012 fate in the past five days. I am not talking about its feckless response to the expected report from the UN nuclear monitor – the International Atomic Energy Agency — that Iran can now produce nuclear weapons.  Nor do I mean the […]
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