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Gingrich and the Logic of the 2012 Race | | 10.31.11

All of a sudden, Newt Gingrich is the talk of the GOP presidential contest.  A story anticipating his resurgence ran on the front page of Sunday’s Washington Post.  This was not too many days after Weekly Standard editor William Kristol first suggested that the former speaker of the House might be getting a second look […]
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Weird Statements from President and Democrats and What They Mean | | 10.24.11

Today (Monday) President Obama will launch what The New York Times reports is “a series of executive-branch actions to confront housing, education and other economic problems over the coming months, heralded by a new mantra: ‘We can’t wait’ for lawmakers to act.” This apparently in your face bypassing of Congress and the constitutional system is […]
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Democrats Ride With Occupy Wall Street: Fast Road to Nowhere | | 10.18.11

If you want a good measure of how completely the White House and Democrat leadership in Congress have lost their political minds, look at how they have become cheerleaders for the Occupy Wall Street mob and its copycats. From the president to former House speaker Nancy Pelosi to lesser party spokespeople, leading Democrats have lined […]
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Tomorrow Night’s Debate Could Shake Up the GOP Race | | 10.10.11

Tomorrow night’s GOP presidential candidates debate at Dartmouth College will be do or die for Rick Perry.  What accounts for the Texas governor’s rapid rise and, to date, equally rapid fall?  Where does the Republican race go from here? As noted in last week’s column, two clusters of voters have emerged in the 2011 phase […]
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How Christie Could Change Everything | | 10.04.11

Odds are that New Jersey governor Chris Christie will jump into the presidential race today (Tuesday) or tomorrow – which says a lot about how the 2012 GOP presidential primary contest has shaped up, and where it will go.  Christie’s entry could change everything. The 2012 dynamics are totally different from those of 2008.  And […]
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