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The Week’s Most Impressive News About the GOP Race | | 09.26.11

The GOP presidential sweepstakes this past week has been an ongoing tale of ups and downs.  But the most interesting campaign story I heard in the past seven days received only footnote level notice when it broke – and that was three months ago and overseas. This week all the top-level talk has been about […]
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Failed Presidential Plan. Is it a Fatal Moment of Turning? | | 9.20.11

Yesterday’s “Buffett Plan” speech may be remembered as marking a fatal moment of turning in Barack Obama’s presidency. Yes, Mr. Obama will remain in the Oval Office for at least a year and a half more.  Who knows, he may even win a second term.  But there was something about Washington’s reaction to his remarks […]
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Is America Retreating from the World? Global Worries on 9/11 Weekend | | 09.14.11

On the tenth anniversary weekend of the 9/11 attacks, a remark to a global security conference held in Geneva underlined the urgency of the coming U.S. election. Speaking of the Arab Spring uprisings throughout the Middle East, an expert panelist from the region uttered a lament that would have been inconceivable anytime from 1945 to […]
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President’s Thursday Night Economic Speech: Tragedy or Farce? | | 09.05.11

Karl Marx wrote that, “History always repeats itself twice, the first time as tragedy, the second time as farce.” Like much of Marx, this is basically nonsense dressed up as deep insight.  But maybe, just maybe, we’re about to see something like Marx’s dictum played out in Washington on Thursday night.  That will be when […]
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