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Exactly One Year to the Nomination | | 08.29.11

One year from today, the Republican National Convention will nominate the party’s 2012 candidate for president.  With Texas governor Rick Perry now in the race, the field is almost complete – almost but very likely not quite. With President Obama’s disapproval ratings having hit a remarkable high of 55 percent in Gallup daily tracking results […]
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Hitting the Policy Reset Button | | 08.08.11

With the S&P downgrade of U.S. government debt on Friday, it is time for the Obama Administration to hit the reset button.  The question in Washington and around the country is, does the Administration have it within itself to do that? The answer is probably no.  During an interview that ran in Saturday’s Wall Street […]
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Postmortem | | 08.02.11

As usual, the mainstream media has it, if not 100-percent wrong, pretty close.  Here is a rundown of questions and answers, winners and losers coming out of the debt ceiling standoff. Question:  Was it a long, hard negotiation?  Answer:  Hard, yes; long, no.  OK, it seemed to go on forever.  But that’s because when 24/7 […]
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