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Where Do Debt Talks Stand After Last Night’s Presidential Speech? | | 07.26.11

Last night, towards the end of his speech to the nation, President Obama recalled Thomas Jefferson’s aphorism on making legislation: “Every man cannot have his way in all things.” The president was trying to pin the intransigence blame on House Republicans, particularly Tea Party freshmen.  But he did it in a speech in which he […]
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The Stakes in the Debt Ceiling Debate | | 07.18.11

If you want to pinpoint when the United States became a global power, you could do worse than pick 1917.  That was when U.S. government first received a Triple-A bond rating.  The rating is now in jeopardy and could be lost by the beginning of next year – but not for reasons that the Obama […]
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The Debt Battle Is Good for the GOP | Wall Street Journal | 07.18.11

Watching the debt-ceiling battle on Capitol Hill—and even more the battle between the tea party young guns and older House Republicans—feels like déjà vu, or, rather, 1995, all over again. Sixteen years ago, in the middle of the government shutdown, I found myself racing up Capitol Hill in a car filled with Republican congressmen. I […]
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News of the World Scandal: Murdoch Should Take Ronald Reagan as his Model | | 7.11.11

The two big stories of the past week have been the budget negotiations between the President and Congress and, amazingly enough, a scandal at a British tabloid all but unknown to most Americans, News of the World. By now most Americans know the top line facts about the News of the World fiasco.  The paper […]
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The 4th of July and the Willingness of the American Heart | | 07.04.11

There has been a lot of talk of “American exceptionalism” of late.   In response to a question from a Financial Times reporter, the president said the nation is exceptional in the way that Britain and Greece are exceptional, and he wasn’t talking about levels of government debt.  Immediately his critics jumped all over him — […]
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