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Reagan’s great promise from an early age | The Washington Times | 06.27.11

As a boy, I read hortatory biographies of Washington, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, each intended to teach young people lessons of character as found in the lives of these great leaders. The genre included more than presidents as subjects – I remember similar volumes on Thomas Edison and George Washington Carver – but among presidents, […]
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Another Fine Mess | | 06.28.11

In this morning’s Wall Street Journal former Federal Reserve Board governor Lawrence Lindsey says “the deficit is worse than you think.” (see: But rumors around Washington and Wall Street suggest that Lindsey’s is the optimistic scenario. To see why, let’s start with what he says. His argument is simple: the Obama Administration’s projections incorporate […]
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Smoke Signals from the Treasury Department | | 06.13.11

How bad is the developing U.S. government debt crisis? A recent Washington lunchtime conversation with a Reagan-era Treasury Department official suggested that the answer could be much worse than the administration acknowledges or the president understands. Not long ago the president refused to put his own spending cut plan on the table. House Republicans had […]
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Honoring George H.W. Bush | | 06.07.11

Among the most unlikely and most fortunate events in American history was the 1988 election of George H.W. Bush, who will celebrate his 87th birthday on Sunday. You may consider each of those points – unlikely, very lucky – an overstatement, so let me explain. First, was Mr. Bush’s election really all that unlikely? In […]
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Lessons of NY 26 | | 05.31.11

What are the lessons of New York 26? We all know the narrative:  The GOP candidate was riding high until the Democrat shouted Medicare.  Does that mean Medicare is the new third rail of American politics?  Now that we are getting down to specifics of cutting spending, is the Tea Party finished? Are we back […]
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