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Republican Pros Handicap 2012 Presidential Run | | 05.16.11

In looking to the 2012 campaign, the mood among Republican pros in Washington at the moment is low-grade manic depression.  Anyone can beat President Obama, the conventional GOP wisdom goes, except the anyones who are actually running. You might ask, why would anyone believe that anyone can beat the president?  The killing of America’s most […]
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New Reality in the Ancient Middle East? | | 05.09.11

In the Middle East, an old and confounding puzzle may soon be solved, for the better and in an entirely unexpected way – if the United States acts wisely. About six years ago, I met with one of the senior most players in the making of our foreign policy during the prior two decades.  Our […]
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Killing bin Laden | | 05.02.11

In 2001, speaking to Congress not long after the September 11th attacks, President George W. Bush said that the United States would bring the terrorists to justice or bring justice to the terrorists but that one way or the other justice would be done.  As President Obama reported last night, yesterday it was. The Obama […]
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