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Reality Check As We Approach the Opening of the Presidential Political Season | | 04.25.11

The story of the 2012 presidential race was previewed over the last few days in an odd couple of journalist venues, an entry in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal Political Diary and this weekend’s edition of Meet the Press. The Political Diary piece was by John Fund, a columnist who shows up everywhere around Washington.  The […]
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Checking Out? The President and the American Debt Crisis | | 4.18.11

The White House stance on reducing the deficit, laid out in the president’s speech at George Washington University last week, was clueless – clueless and dangerous. Starting moments after Mr. Obama stepped down from the podium, political commentators have been giving the address a thumbs down.   Everyone has seen the media comments about the talk’s […]
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Ronald Reagan at 100 | Claremont Review of Books | Spring 2011

Early in his presidency, Ronald Reagan caused a stir in the media when he hung in the White House Cabinet Room a portrait of Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge had been persona non grata in the executive mansion since the Great Depression.  Franklin Roosevelt’s followers blamed his policies for the economic catastrophe.  By the early 1960s, with […]
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Today’s Budget Speech: How Clueless Is He? | | 04.13.11

Here is good gauge of the cluelessness and disarray of the Democratic Party’s present leadership in Congress and the White House. Over the weekend, the president and Senate Majority leader Harry Reid congratulated everyone in sight on the just-concluded budget deal.  Meanwhile, also over the weekend, former House speaker – now House minority leader – […]
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Putting Odds on the 2012 Presidential Race | | 04.04.11

This past week, in Washington and around the country, Republican activists have been having a collective anxiety attack.  Everywhere you go, you hear doubts that no likely candidate has what it takes to beat Mr. Obama.  Following are two ways – polls and electoral votes — of assessing this worry. Polls Nearly as I can […]
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