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Tonight’s Presidential Address | | 03.28.11

Here is some advice to the White House about tonight’s presidential television address. I take an interest in presidential speech giving.  I wrote speeches in the White House for nearly two-thirds of the Reagan presidency, the first half of that time for the Vice President, second half for the President. Presidential rhetoric is an instrument […]
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Charlie Wilson’s War and Big Time Politicians | | 03.21.11

Here is a story about Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill.  It applies to the upcoming contest for the Republican presidential nomination.  I heard it at a dinner party around the new year. A few other guests and I were gathered in a side room.  A former senior U.S. national security official was telling Cold War […]
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Action By Inaction | | 03.14.11

This week the op-ed columns have been full of outrage at the do-nothing presidency. In National Review Online, Victor Davis Hanson writes of “Obama as Hamlet,” indecisive in his approach to the uprisings across the Arab world. In the Washington Examiner, Michael Barone says the president is still following his practice in the Illinois legislature […]
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Facing the Facts to Save Our Future | | 03.07.11

This week, with the battle over public finance continuing across the country and in Congress, the left launched an amazing counter attack.  Too bad for them that new facts belied their argument even as they were making it. The counterattack came down to four words: “We are not broke.”  Predictably, The New York Times led […]
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