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Did I Hear It Right? The Battle of Wisconsin is Over? The Governor Has Won? | | 02.28.11

At a private Washington dinner last night, one of the nation’s most prominent political scientists and pollsters said that the battle of Wisconsin is over.  Governor Scott Walker has won. The remark came amidst a flurry of wide ranging discussion and passed almost unnoticed, until one guest interrupted, “What did you say a moment ago? […]
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What is NOT at Stake in Wisconsin | | 02.22.11

Let’s look for a moment at what the standoff in Wisconsin is NOT about. The standoff is NOT about whether state employees may engage in collective bargaining: With some success, the unions have characterized the battle as an up or down vote on the right to bargain collectively.  They have agreed, they tell us, to […]
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Report from 2011 CPAC | | 02.14.11

The CPAC conference was held this weekend in Washington.  Here are a few notes taken at the proceedings and in the hallways: Numbers: How much energy is in the conservative movement?  Here is one small but telling detail. The conference has been held annually for decades.  Under the leadership of David Keene, who retired at […]
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Egypt: What Would Ronald Reagan Do? | | 02.07.11

Sunday marked the hundredth anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth.  With the news for the past several weeks focused on popular upheavals in the Middle East, let’s ask, what would Ronald Reagan have done in a situation like the one we are now facing in Egypt and elsewhere? In fact we have a good idea how […]
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