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Notes on the Upheaval in Egypt and throughout the Middle East | | 01.31.11

As street riots continue in Egypt and throughout the Middle East, Americans should keep in mind both the threat and promise in the regional upheaval.  Here are three sources of both: The Muslim Brotherhood: Some have suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood has evolved into primarily a social service organization without much political influence, a minor […]
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What the State of the Union Address Will Tell Us | | 01.24.11

Tomorrow night Barack Obama will deliver this year’s State of the Union Address. But who is Barack Obama? Polls show that a sizable slice of the public has moved from seeing him as “liberal” to “moderate.” And with that change, his popularity has started rising for the first time in a year. He may have […]
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Rise to power echoes back 100 years | Financial Times | 01.18.11

From Mr Clark S. Judge. Sir, Philip Stephens (“The perils of mutual miscalculation”, January 14) notes the rising power of China’s military and its recent challenges to the US. Modern China bears an unsettling resemblance to Germany before the first world war. Like China in our time, Germany enjoyed rapid industrialisation in the late 19th […]
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“Repeal or Revise” and the Thunder out of China | | 01.18.11

A column last Friday in The Financial Times underscored the urgency of the new GOP House majority’s “repeal or revise” agenda.  Not that addressing domestic U.S. concerns was the author’s intention. The article by columnist Philip Stephens (see: ) surveyed the deterioration of US-China relations during the past year:  tensions over Korea, Taiwan, and […]
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The Constitution and Tuscon | | 01.10.11

Last week, the new Congress opened with House members, one by one, reading the Constitution into the Congressional Record.  Who knew that within days we would be sidling up to a debate on the one part of the document about which Left and Right were supposedly in total agreement? It all started predictably enough. In […]
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Searching for Mr. (or Ms.) Right | | 12.27.10

With the New Year arriving in only a few days, Washington has turned to its favorite game: handicapping the next presidential race.  Like many voters at this stage, I don’t have a candidate.  I have requirements.  My guess is they are the same as those of more than a few voters. Here they are. Spending: […]
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Observations from Israel | | 01.03.11

For the past week, I have been visiting Jerusalem. My only prior visit was in the mid-80s when I served on the staff of then-Vice President George Bush as a speechwriter.  That time I saw much that tourists could not — a gathering of Knesset members and a trip to the demilitarized zone (both occasions […]
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