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Wanted: Political Leaders They Respect | | 12.20.10

It’s about time. Last week saw a pair of pass-the-torch moments.  The first was when Democrat majority leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi failed to jam through one last massive all-purpose spending bill. The second was when they couldn’t perform their planned exorcism of the Bush Administration’s growth-oriented tax policies and indeed got […]
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Whose Century Is This Anyway? | | 12.13.10

The news out of Washington this week has focused on the tax bill before Congress.  Both House and Senate liberal Democrats continue to display their economic illiteracy, playing the class warfare card even after the current and prior presidents of their own party have, at least for a time, given up that ghost.  The real […]
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Not bipartisan; Right: Answering Questions About Team B, a Shadow CBO | | 12.06.10

Judging from the feedback, including a call from Fox Business, last week’s column struck some kind of cord.  Everywhere I was asked about it, the same questions kept coming up.  So this week, I want to acknowledge those queries and give answers. As a reminder, the column called for creation of a shadow Congressional Budget […]
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