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Pledge to Fight | | 09.27.10

The House GOP Pledge to America was unveiled last week.  The Pledge was intended as a reprise to the 1994 Contract with America.  The response to it has been surreal. First have been the retorts from the Democrats.  “Warmed over.”  “Nothing new here.”  You’ve heard it all.  And you’ve seen the mainstream media following behind […]
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Tea with Sympathy | | 09.20.10

It is good times for the Tea Party movement. I am not talking about winning Republican Senate nominations in Delaware, Alaska, Kentucky, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and without firing a shot in Florida.  Nor am I talking about a Christian Science Monitor poll last week that found a near majority of Americans view Tea with sympathy […]
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Report on Global Security Review Conference in Geneva | | 09.13.10

Every September since 2002, the International Institute for Strategic Studies has held, in Geneva, Switzerland, what it calls a Global Strategic Review.  This year’s meeting finished on Sunday. The IISS is a London-based equivalent to the U.S.’s Council on Foreign Relations – an establishment-oriented think tank on global security.  The weekend conference typically draws current […]
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Election Outlook on Labor Day: A Veto-Proof Senate or Even a Congress? | | 09.06.10

It is Labor Day, beginning of the final phase of the 2010 midterm congressional campaign.  A quick look at the polling tells a surprising story: Washington has utterly failed to grasp how much may change after November 2nd. We have all heard about the incredible deterioration of the Democratic Party’s approval numbers on all fronts […]
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