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Why Has Trust In Our Institutions Fallen? | | 07.22.10

Reading a poll is not a simple thing. Nowhere is that so true as with the American people’s so-called collapse of faith in their institutions. When it comes to trust, all institutions are not created equal. Through the years faith in some has remained strong. The June Gallup survey found 82% of respondents reporting a […]
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Distant Threats Closing Fast | | 07.19.10

With late Thursday’s detonation of what Drudge on Sunday called a “’Hezbollah-like’ car bomb” in Ciudad Juarez, just across our southern border from El Paso, it is worth asking, are we preparing for the national security challenges ahead? (See Drudge-linked story here: ) The border with Mexico is an obvious prize for anyone hoping […]
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Bad Weekend for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue | | 07.12.10

White House insiders must be holding their heads. The National Governors Association met in Boston this weekend.  Usually NGA meetings rank among the blandest of political events. The convening organization for American governors is bi-partisan.  Out of courtesy if nothing else, the fifty state leaders hold their more colorful political pronouncements for other occasions.  Good […]
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Requiem for a Canary | | 07.05.10

“If the economy were a coal mine,’ wrote the editorialist of The New York Times on Sunday, “the job market would be a 800-pound canary, warning of a recovery that is running out of steam.”  Added Fareed Zararia in this morning’s Washington Post, “The American economy is sputtering and we are running out of options.” […]
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