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Seizing the Moment – Or Not | | 05.23.10

The question around Washington this past week – in the air, even when it wasn’t on the lips – was, will the Republicans make the same mistake the British Conservative’s made?  Will they fall short of the electoral triumph that appears to be waiting for them? In a recent Wall Street Journal article (see:, […]
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Voter Disgust and the Washington Narrative | | 05.19.10

Last night another wave of voter disgust hit the Capitol Hill sands and swept more incumbents into the out-of-office ocean. Kentucky is part of this story.  Outsider Rand Paul, son of libertarian sensation Ron Paul, took the GOP nomination from the party establishment’s nominee. The biggest news though came from Pennsylvania.  While Democrats held onto […]
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Senator Robert Bennett and the Story of 2010 | | 05.10.10

Over the weekend, Washington received the first of what are likely to be many wake up calls in advance of the November elections.  The Utah Republican Party convention declined to re-nominate three-term U.S. senator Robert Bennett.  It didn’t give him even enough votes to qualify for a place on the party’s primary ballot. The Mainstream […]
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Arizona and the Southern Border | | 05.03.10

This is a story about illegal immigration and why people in border states feel so strongly about it. In March, I was in Los Angeles on business.  After my meeting, a cab took me to the airport.  My driver was a woman, well spoken, clearly affluent, and sad.  She told me that she and her […]
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