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The Tea Party, Washington, and the Nation | | 04.26.10

Liberal Washington has spent much of the last week denouncing the Tea Party movement, which completed a series of rallies around the nation with one big one at the Washington Monument on April 15, the day tax returns were due. We all know the particulars.  A week ago Bill Clinton used a Sunday New York […]
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The Foreign Policy Equivalent of the Health Care Overhaul | | 04.19.10

Newt Gingrich made the rounds in Washington last week.  At an American-Spectator-sponsored breakfast he talked –- among other topics –- about what he called the Obama Administration’s “fantasy foreign policy,” a major instance of which was Iran. It was, in some respects, Iran week in town. It had started out as nuke week. Monday and […]
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Strategic Obfuscation | | 04.12.10

From all health care reform all the time, the Obama Administration has turned to all nukes all the time. Over the past six business days the White House has debuted a three-act nuclear extravaganza, from release of the Nuclear Posture Review last Tuesday to signing of the new US-Russia Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty on Thursday, […]
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Some Call It ObamaCare for the Financial Sector | | 04.05.10

Having taken over the auto industry and the health care industry, last week Washington turned its attention to securing its grip on the full sweep of American financial institutions. Last year’s and this year’s bailouts had given the government a stake – supposedly passing – in a number of commercial banks.  The reforms that Congress […]
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