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Glenn Beck, George Will, Amity Shlaes, CPAC and the American Swing Voter | | 02.22.10

It is a good gauge of the mainstream media’s cluelessness that so many of its commentators were surprised when Fox News star Glenn Beck slammed the Republican Party in his Saturday CPAC keynote address – and the CPAC audience cheered. The annual conservative meeting’s attendance numbered something like ten thousand, a record.  But as of […]
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A Prosecutor’s Take on a Civilian Trial for KSM | | 02.15.10

It wasn’t exactly “My Funny Valentine “ that Vice President Joe Biden and former Vice President Dick Cheney sang to each other on the Sunday talk shows. Among many areas of sharp disagreement was the proposed trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) in civilian court.  So we now know what the former and current vice […]
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Health Summit Starting Point: Ban Three Bad Ideas | | 02.09.10

How bad have the last few weeks been for Mr. Obama’s White House? You can keep the score in headlines and magazine covers. Covers?  My favorite is The New Yorker’s, with the President in three cartoon panels walking across the water.  In the fourth he’s falling in. Headlines?  Take this one from Monday’s Washington Post, […]
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Democracy Deficit? | | 02.01.10

Despite a weekend Rasmussen report showing a post State of the Union uptick in Strong Approval for Mr. Obama, the president’s performance last Wednesday was a setback for the Administration. Yes, Democrats liked it.  A large block of Democratic Party loyalists moving from neutral or weakly supportive to strong support was the reason for the […]
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