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Address to “The 20th Anniversary of the Liberated and Reunited Europe” Conference | Timbro & Institute for Information on the Crimes of Communism, Stockholm, Sweden | 9.18.09

I am honored to speak at this conference sponsored by Timbro, one of the major free market think tanks of Scandinavia and Europe… and by the Institute for Information on the Crimes of Communism, which is undertaking with the clarity and force of truth the essential task of insisting on memory of the injustice, misery, […]
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The March of the Senate Democrats | | 12.21.09

As one early morning report puts it, the Senate is now “marching” to passage on Christmas Eve of its version of health overhaul.  Three motions preliminary to a cloture vote have passed 60-40, all Democrats for, all Republicans against.  What does this Democrats-only bill do?  What are the consequences? As it stands today, the health […]
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“The economic mess we inherited” | | 12.14.09

On Sunday, Rasmussen reported an amazing nineteen-point negative gap between President Obama’s strong favorable (23%) and strong unfavorable ratings (42%) among likely voters.  In polling terms this deficit is almost as big as the trillion-dollar-plus one in Mr. Obama’s 2010 budget.  To it, the administration has one response, repeated last night in the president’s interview […]
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