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Global Eyes on the President at West Point | | 11.30.09

As everyone knows, President Obama will address the nation on Tuesday night and reveal his decision on what to do in Afghanistan.  Most weekend commentary focused on the announcement’s political implications at home and how various players in and around Afghanistan will see it.  But there will be another and in the long run at […]
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Trying on Every Front to Increase the Role of Government | | 11.23.09

It is a rule of thumb among conservatives, not just in Washington but around the country, that the United States does not deserve the government that the Democratic administration and congress are currently giving it.  But the Republican Party, whose drubbing in the last election delivered to the Democrats the excessive power they now enjoy, […]
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Capitalism by Proxy Fight | Wall Street Journal | 11.22.09

It’s no secret that sometime in the fall of 2008, the waters of the Potomac River began to flow into the Hudson. With the vast underwriting of Wall Street financial firms by the government, a handful of corporate executives received a searing education on Washington rules under klieg lights. Now the world of politics is […]
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Report From London | | 11.17.09

A week ago Monday Henry Kissinger addressed a dinner in London sponsored by The Atlantic Bridge, an organization dedicated to the U.S.-U.K. special relationship in global affairs. He delivered an unmistakable warning about the direction of American foreign policy. Introducing Kissinger were Dr. Liam Fox (all but certainly the UK’s secretary of defense following the […]
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Reviewing the Health Overhaul Bidding | | 11.09.09

Let’s review the bidding now that Obama/Pelosicare has passed the House. As reported here two weeks ago, according to one of the nation’s leading experts on the federal budget, former OBM deputy director and Hoover Institution economist John Cogan, by mid century without the president’s agenda, the federal spending including Medicare and Medicaid are on […]
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What Will Tuesday’s Voting Mean? | | 11.02.09

We have all heard the prognosticators by now.  The fate of the Administration’s health care legislation could be sealed tomorrow, when voters in Virginia and New Jersey pick their new governors – or not. It has become something of a superstition in Washington that if the two Democratic candidates go down in defeat, next year […]
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