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Report From Geneva and Stockholm | | 9.21.09

As luck would have it, for the last ten days, just as the Obama Administration was upending America’s global relationships, I was in Europe and attended two conferences on international politics.  Together these conferences gave a good cross section of opinion about Mr. Obama and the U.S. in policy centers around the world. It proved […]
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Questions for the President Tonight | | 09.09.09

When he stands before Congress tonight, the president will almost certainly replace his demand for an immediate “public option” (government-provided insurance plan) with endorsement of a so-called “trigger.”  Under his new plan, failure of health insurers to reduce their rates in some period – probably five years – will “trigger” a public option. His implication […]
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Wednesday’s Speech Won’t Hit Reset Button for Obamacare | | 09.07.09

Washington is in a state of something approaching suspended animation this Labor Day weekend. With the president scheduled to address a joint session of Congress on Wednesday, the DC power game is in time out, waiting to hear what Mr. Obama has to say on that brightest stage of American political theater: the joint session […]
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With ObamaCare in a Hole, Will the White House Stop Digging? | | 09.02.09

Increasingly in Washington over the last few weeks, we have heard this assessment of the president’s health care upheaval prospects: Something will pass, because the president and his party have such large majorities (nearly 60 percent) in both chambers of Congress that it is inconceivable that they could not bludgeon their way to the necessary […]
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